Dynamic Features

Empowering coaches, clubs, academies, players, teams and associations with cutting-edge tools for communication and commerce.

  • My Channel

    Every individual and organization has the ability to create their own personal channel on the Tennis Chimp Network

  • Broadcast Messages

    Share world-class, personalized messages privately or publicly

  • Chat

    Send text, audio, images and videos to individual or group chats

  • Media Hub

    Cloud storage allows for easy access to your media content when creating your messages

  • E-Commerce

    Sell equipment, videos, services and more with payment processing via PayPal

  • Multi-Lingual

    Manage your English communication and let our professional translators convert your media to other languages

How It Works

Channels have an arsenal of multimedia tools to create and broadcast world-class, personalized messages.

Individuals and organizations create a personal channel on the Tennis Chimp Broadcast Network. When fans access the channel, they will only view content published by the channel's owner.

Benefits Of Tennis Chimp

  • Be a part of the most exciting and engaging tennis network

  • Create your own private channel

  • Connect with friends, family and your favorite members of the tennis community

  • Access exclusive content and unique promotions

Additional Features

We are constantly improving and developing our technology. Here are some additional features to help empower our community.


Create slideshows for your broadcasts

Learning Center

An organized system for taking your game to the next level

Purchase Lessons

Get individual video analysis from world-class coaches using Freeze Frame Tennis' incredible technology

Fan Engagement

Start the conversation and hear what your fans have to say on your broadcasts' message boards

App Screenshots

Check out some more shots of Tennis Chimp in action


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